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Palliative Care SA shares concern that people are not considering palliative care soon enough because of a misconception that Palliative Care is something to be fearful of. 

We completely understand people might imagine that by considering palliative care hope is dashed, but the reality is Palliative Care is about ‘living’ and focuses on providing people with emotional and spiritual support, pain relief and comfort care enabling them and their family to be empowered to make the most of time remaining.

Regardless of where you are being looked after, at home, in residential care, or hospital you have a right to high quality care, right to the end of your life and care extends into the bereavement period. 

Get Involved
Living well is a daily choice, dying well takes planning and community support for palliative care has never been as critical.  We urge you to get behind national palliative care week.  For a very modest amount you can join your state palliative care organisation and gain the practical know how needed to be able to take action in your own community, neighbourhood, workplace, group or club.   You can also get involved by taking part in our social media campaign on face book.

You can also send letters to your elected representatives to advocate for awareness about palliative care.  Click here to download

PCSA encourages all South Australians to use National Palliative Care Week to spark conversations about quality care at the end of life.  Get together with family, friends, workmates or those closest to you and talk about how you would like your end-of-life care wishes honoured. Palliative Care Australia have created the Dying to Talk Discussion Starter to help you get started. 

Order your NPC Week materials to support your National palliative care week event, activity or display

To help you get started we have some materials you may find helpful.  Email your order to or phone us 8271 1643 and speak to one of the staff members.
  • Dying to talk tea towels
  • National PC Week branded pocket tissue packs
  • National PC Week branded disposable coffee/tea cups
  • pens
  • posters
  • palliative care information brochures and booklets

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