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Election Priorities Unveiled 
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Today we are unveiling our key priorities ahead of the state election on March 17th 2018, urging a greater government commitment to palliative care patient services.
The Board of Palliative Care South Australia is calling on the next state government to act and make Palliative Care a state health priority.  Access to high quality palliative care, right to the end of life is a right for all citizens of South Australia, regardless of age, diagnosis or socioeconomic status. 
Palliative Care South Australia is inundated with sad stories from families about helplessly watching someone they love die without receiving adequate care, pain relief, nursing support or information about end of life care options.

Whereas general practitioners used to be able to obtain in-home support for patients wanting to be cared for and die at home, the current system severely limits access.  Add to this the inability to utilise private health insurance for palliative care delivered by your GP, thousands of South Australians and their families are left feeling desperate.  
It is very traumatic for many families to see a loved one dying without access to adequate care and support.  Not many people are able to afford in-home nursing or healthcare equipment like a moveable hospital bed, air mattress, or commode chair. 

A consultation by Palliative Care South Australia has found that many family members feel they have to go it alone in the last few weeks and months to ensure that their loved one has help to use the bathroom, to reach a drink, or have a wash and this causes a lot of strain at an already stressful time.  
Three out of four South Australians do not get the care they need.  You only die once. If it is a bad experience, it is bad for everyone.... forever.
“My partner just had a massive stroke. She has had two operations for blood clots and brain swelling, but she is dying.  I can’t tell you how upsetting this is for all of us”.
“I have breast cancer. I want to be at home with my young family but the pain got too much and I went to hospital.  They told me I was not serious enough. They wouldn’t help me move, or shower or go to the toilet. They won’t give me anything to help.  My sister has to stay to help me toilet and shower”.
“I wanted to be at home. This was so sudden.  I know I am dying but they want to keep me in to do tests and chemo.  What for?  I have moved wards three times, I am treated like an idiot. The sent me home eventually, but there is no plan.  We don’t know what we are doing, what the meds are for. My daughter can’t go to work. I am a full-time job right now. There is is no one to help her”.  
We want to say YES to all South Australian’s.  The number of South Australians dying each year will continue to grow.  13,337 South Australians died in 2016.  That number is expected to double between now and 2035. 
South Australia’s proud history of palliative care service development throughout the 1980’s has eroded and judging by the calls we receive about sub optimal care, is not fit for 21st century health care.
We know death is inevitable.  Dying unsupported is not. We desperately need to regenerate the investment in palliative care so people can be supported to live, die and grieve well.
We urge South Australians to join our online petition to show politicians from all parties that palliative care is a priority issue for the community.  Together we can make a real difference – and it only takes 30 seconds of your time. 
When is it ok to say NO? COUNT ME IN - Sign the petition now. Stay up to date, follow us on face book and our Twitter handle is @PallCareSA

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